How to Get Your Life before the New Year

New Year, New Me is what you will hear for at least the next two- three weeks and rightfully so.  As 2016 marked the beginning of the Apocalypse-2017 can only be epically better or epically worse.  I’ve had some highlights personally and professionally as well as some personal and professional lows. Rather than waste these last few days of 2016 in a vegetable state, I decided to make an early effort to get back on track on a number of things, beginning with this blog as well as better health habits and skincare. Why the last two- well a chick may look young but, I ain’t and to at least trick these cats into thinking I’m in my late twenties, I have to keep up  both mind and body.

With health, I know what I’m supposed to do; I just need to apply it. So I’ve cut back on my culprits (sugar, sugar and sugar) and eat more whole foods.  I get hungry because my meals are to light so bye, bye fries and hello to cauliflower and of course, I treat myself when I deem it necessary.  Along with being honest about my diet, I’ve switched up my workouts. I purchased a Groupon to ILoveKickboxing a franchise that has an amazing martial arts program as well as kickboxing class that really pushes my body to the limit. I found that I take it easy on myself which is why I haven’t seen that much  change from workouts, with a drill sergeant in my ear, I can increase my stamina and drop some pounds as well.  

I’ve always been very conscious of my skin, I hit puberty pretty early and as an adult I can say that I didn’t have brutal issues of acne,  but growing up I felt like I had the worse skin in the world and it mostly came from grownups. Now as an adult, I know the breakouts were a combination of hormones, and not changing pillowcases and wash clothes on a regular basis but, I don’t have any facial scars more mental. No teenage girl wants to be called pimply face. Nonetheless, partially for creating this blog I became obsessed with skincare and as I got older and ignored the negativity, I realized I didn’t have bad skin, I had typical teenage skin.  In the past few months, I fell off of my routine and found and  just the basics, cleansing and moisturizing . At one point, I completely stopped exfoliating, and couldn’t remember the last time I did a mask or a peel and my skin was reflecting that so I said to myself, do you want to look like a dingy dingo in 2017 or do you want to have that bright ass skin you’re known for?

Ulta Beauty is always a great way to get your beauty fix. With a host of brands from luxury to well known drugstore brands, Ulta has created a community of beauty product junkies, who can get their hands on their favorite brands without going broke. So what’s a girl to do with tons of reward points and feeling not to cute- buy something because retail therapy is sometimes cheaper than ObamaCare.  I’ll breakdown my haul in another post but what I was super excited about were my RoC  Daily Resurfacing Disks, an oldie but goodie, I mentioned when I first started this blog.  The disks are  dual sided where one side offers a self foaming cleanser  and the other is a light exfoliant. It is suppose to diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles but because Black doesn’t crack, I don’t worry about that instead looking for a light exfoliant that can  get me to brighter skin as opposed to the dullness I’ve subjected myself to these past few months.  The Daily Resurfacing Disks are gentle enough to use daily and excellent to take off eye makeup but I prefer an every other day usage  as well as a good scrub on my neck and behind my ears.  With 28 disks in a container  there is pretty much a month’s supply but here’s a trick, cut them in half and you will have enough to last two months- thank me later.  

So what new habits are you looking to kick off in the New Year? What beauty, health habits do you want to leave behind?