When Basic is a Good Thing

In  the evolution of the English language, the word basic has come to define unsophisticated, but when it comes to wardrobe it has strength. Having a wardrobe with key basic pieces makes it easy to put together great  outfits in addition to always having something to go with a statement piece. The best wardrobes are a combination of about 75% high quality basics and 25% stand out pieces. Great basics are usually in neutral colors so they can be worn often and with discretion, think gray, navy, brown and of course black , white and animal print.  

You can't go wrong with this Basic Black Dress from Forever 21 for $ 19.90

 Wardrobe basics don't have to be boring. You can find basics that pop or have a slight twist which really elevates your style. Think black leather boots with a silver heel, or a gray  coat that is really a poncho.  Basics don't have to be  expensive nor should they be super cheap- only price-point not in quality.  A good wardrobe basic should last  at minimum 3 years  and hopefully more,  I have a pair of leather boots that turned 15 this winter but you have to take care of your wardrobe basics. Look at cleaning instructions, don't wash  every time you wear - unless it is a warm weather basic. Hang or fold to keep form, avoid harsh dry cleaning chemicals if necessary and attempt to hand wash and dry flat if at all possible. 

Heather Gray Pea coat at Old Navy for $20 

With cost, when you see a great basic at a great price- grab it twice if you can especially tops and bottoms.  You don't have to spend a fortune, I've found the  perfect LBD at Forever 21 a great cardigan at  H&M and  great leather flats at Zara and they were all on sale.  So as we come into the post holiday sale season and there are major markdowns, it's perfectly find to be basic.