How to Stay Kind of Sort of Sane during a Pandemic

The global health crisis known as COVID-19 has made most of the world come to a grinding halt. Here in New York, it has been suggested that people self-isolate and companies have their employees working remotely to decrease the spread of infection. Totally logical but, people really haven’t taken it that seriously. I’ve seen more twerking on my timeline in the past few days than I’ve seen in my lifetime.
I’m an only child, who lives by herself and works from home, I’ve been self-isolating before it became a social norm but, I do know that in our society, isolation can be a scary thing for many. Here are a few tips on how to maintain some sense of sanity while society is at its worse.

Stay in contact
Whether it is Facetime, Facebook or an actual wait for it, phone conversation, now is the time you can touch base with friends, family, and associates.  May I also suggest you reach out to people that keep your world running-like your child’s teacher, the mail courier, your building’s porter, doorman, the office manager. Also, reach out to your elders, ask if they need anything from the store that can be cumbersome or heavy for them. Checking in on people is chicken soup for your soul.

Shop Local, Shop Small
You see the lines outside of big box stores, it’s crazy. At this point, if you step foot in a Walmart or Costco for a case of water, you might walk out with a case.  I love my neighborhood, in my basic grocery purchases, I ‘ve stayed close by and didn’t spend a lot of money. I know that’s a privilege but if you are in New York City, the shelves at Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods are bare, place your pretentious brand loyalty aside and head into C-Town.

Change clothes and stay home
Do not, I repeat, do not work from home in your pajamas. I have seen how I work when I keep up with a part of a commuter routine minus the commute. Wake up, shower with your Shaun Leon Apothecare Soap and moisturize with the SoftestEver Body Butter or Body Oil and put on your nice house clothes. That small shift in outfit change will shift your mind.  

Nada is Okay
It’s okay to veg out, we are pushing the common man to be productive and companies are scrambling. If you choose to opt-out for a few days and let the kids make YouTube videos, with Judge Mathis is  yelling “I know a crackhead when I see one” in the background,  all while you sip mimosas before noon,  it’s okay, doing nothing is something.

Pour into Your Cup
Self-care currently is not selfish, it’s self-preservation. I’m avoiding gyms, but a brisk jog can kick up the endorphins and help you stay in shape to outrun zombies. Take a bath with some Shaun Leon Herbal Bathing Tea or Soothing Bath Salt Soak.  Meditate, pray, pray for others keep your head above water. Shit is about to get worse before it gets better and you must be prepared mentally and physically.

I hope some of this can help you get through the rough days ahead and remember to stay healthy, wash your hands and stay your ass home.

This post was brought to you by Shaun Leon Beauty, I'm not only a client, I 'm also the president.